Halloween Recipe Card -- Bloody Mary Bat Wings

It's not enough that you have to dress up as Maui for Halloween... now you're expected to make cute, holiday-themed food, too?!


So go ahead and download these recipes. You'll be the coolest parent (/demigod) on the block.



24 ounces Louisiana hot sauce
1 tablespoon black food dye
18-24 fresh whole chicken wings
1½ cups Bloody Mary mix
Splash hot sauce, to taste
3-4 splashes Worcestershire sauce
½ lime, juiced
Red food dye
Cornstarch slurry
Celery salt
Fresh-cracked black pepper, to taste


1. Combine 24 ounces of hot sauce with 1 tablespoon of black food dye and mix well.

2. Place the chicken wings into a 1-gallon Ziploc bag and cover them with black hot sauce. Seal, and toss the chicken in the marinade until thoroughly covered.

3. Place the bag in the refrigerator and flip it every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

4. While the chicken is marinating, pour the Bloody Mary mix into a pot. Bring it to a simmer, and then add several dashes of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, and 1 tablespoon of red food dye. Bring the mixture to a simmer again, and add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch slurry to thicken.

5. Remove the wings from the Ziploc bag. Place them in a shallow dish to catch the drippings, and inject the Bloody Mary mixture into the drumettes and the flats of each wing. Once all wings are fully injected, place them on a grill or smoker over indirect heat. Season with celery salt and pepper, and cook until they reach an internal temperature of 170°F.

6. Remove the wings from the grill. Garnish with fresh parsley, and serve with celery sticks and the dressing of your choice. (Note: Because of the vibrancy of the Bloody Mary injection, the wings will look and appear raw even when fully cooked, which is why it's important to check them with an internal thermometer before taking them off the grill.)

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